How do you write the cover letter?

How do you write the cover letter?

 The main goal of the cover letter is to get in touch with the company and capture the recruiter’s attention to get an interview.

The cover letter, or cover letter, completes your curriculum vitae, so it’s always a good idea to send them together. For this reason, the letter that accompanies and introduces the curriculum vitae is less schematic and more spontaneous than the curriculum. Anticipate the CV, so avoid writing things already said in the curriculum (unless they are, of course, very relevant) It is always important to indicate any training or work experiences carried out abroad, the exams are taken, the title of the thesis, your interests, and goals. Do not add handwritten information. Either the letter is redone or nothing is added. Reply in the manner indicated by the advertisement (indicate, for example, the reference of the advertisement).

If written by email: if we respond to an advertisement, the cover letter can be directly the body of the email itself. If, on the other hand, we offer ourselves, spontaneously, it is better to attach both the curriculum and the cover letter in two separate Word sheets. The only time it should be written by hand is if the company requests it, and in that case, it’s just for a handwriting exam.

Find out who to address it to (name of the head of staff). The excellent formula “Dear Dr. Mario Rossi”, for example. Not “Dear” which only goes for companies. Find out if the person in question is a Doctor, if you ignore him, use the title anyway.

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If written in English it is important to have the text corrected by a mother tongue.

If we do not know the recipient we can write: “Ca Staff Office” or “Ca Personnel Manager”, which we can put as the subject of the email.
If it is a small shop, just “Ca Store Manager”, however, it is better to ask for information in the points of sale on how to submit your application.
Insert the reference to the object or the application in the subject.
Insert the Company Name, for the attention of, and address at the top right, while your personal data go to the top right. Do not forget to mention the place and date.
The body must not exceed 10-15 lines.
Autograph signature.
It can be divided into 3 paragraphs:
– introduction (Dear Dr. …)
– your presentation (I am a recent graduate …)
– reason why you are writing (I answer the ad …/I am particularly interested in the position of…).

It is important to clarify the reasons for looking for a particular position.
Highlight your strengths: internships, work experiences, thesis, research, foreign languages, personal interests, and cc.
The cover letter must allow us to distinguish ourselves and interest the reader.
Through the presentation letter, the company also evaluates your ability to write a letter incorrect Italian. other than the one you send it to).
It must essentially answer the question that the company is asking: how can this person help us?

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